We offer a range of packages for your perfect visit at Maiton island.


Spend an exceptional one day trip on discovering the splendid nature of Maiton island. With choices of activities provided on the island, from strolling on the powdery white sand beach to exploring the blue sea, we are confident that you would never get bored!

Speed Boat: 2,999 Baht

Catamaran: 3,499 Baht


Day Use

We offer a day use of our beachfront villas for those who love to enjoy your private beach with your loved ones.

+6,000 Baht

Thai Massage (1 Hour)

We offer the alternative courses of Thai massage by experienced massage therapists.

+1,000 Baht

Diving (30 Minutes)

We offer scuba diving program if you’d love to experience the beauty of the blue sea.

+3,000 Baht

Partner Hotels

After spending your day on Maiton island, we can recommend some choices of hotel in the city of Phuket as per your request

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If you find a day on Maiton island is too short, you may consider staying overnight on the island with your loved ones. We provide alternative beachfront villas to make sure you have a beautiful stay and enjoy the private beach.


We list on our site just specially selected charter catamarans. This luxury style of travelling is perfect for couples who are looking for a romantic getaway, or family to have a lovely day together.

Princess 007 (max 20 pax)

176,000 Baht

(Green Season)

206,000 Baht

(Peak Season)

Princess 007 (max 4 pax)

160,000 Baht

(Green Season)

200,000 Baht

(Peak Season)

Catamaran (max 20 pax)

146,000 Baht

(Green Season)

166,000 Baht

(Peak Season)

Catamaran (max 4 pax)

200,000 Baht

(Green Season)

200,000 Baht

(Peak Season)


If you want to learn more about Maiton Private Island, inquire for activities, services or promotions.

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