Blue skies, white sand, torquoise blue water and lush tropical forest are what make Maiton Private Island a true paradise.

Maiton is bordered by powdery white sand that is great for long walks and beautiful sunsets. From water sports to trekking, Maiton offers a wide range of activities for the guests to enjoy the beauty of this secluded paradise.


What better way to celebrate the serene beauty of Maiton than walking on the long stretch of powdery white sand beach and being thankful for each and every step for this immaculate beauty.

If you’re looking for a fun activity by the shore, play beach volleyball on the pristine white sand with your family and friends, old and new.


Enjoying the crystal clear water diverse in fish, coral and other marine life is what Maiton Private Island is all about. Maiton offers a full range of water sports and activities ranging from sea kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving for both professionals and beginners. These are just some of the activities that you shouldn’t miss while in a paradise like Maiton.


Be one with nature by trekking the lush tropical greenery up to the viewpoint where a spectacular view of Nam-Hong Bay and Chong Lom Bay awaits. Look out into the distance and witness how the horizon change its colors as the sun sets slowly in the west.


Relax Your Mind

Treat yourself with a relaxing Thai massage or a rejuvinating spa after a day of swimming or lying under the sun. Maiton offers a variety of sublime relaxation services that will make you feel brand new after a day of fun filled activities.

Feed Your Appetite

Indulge yourself with Maiton’s seafood BBQ buffet and refreshing tropical cocktails and refreshments perfect for the hot weather, all while enjoying the stunning view of the beach.

Spend a Night on the Island

You enjoyed the day trip but wanted to spend more time to explore the island? No problem! You can spend the night in one of the villas at Maiton. While this is possible, this offer is only available upon request. For more details, please contact Tel: +66-85-835-3456

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